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Gainstrong Manpower Inc.

About Us

Over the past decade, Human Resources (HR) has undergone a significant transformation, emerging as a strategic partner in numerous organizations. The outsourcing of fundamental HR functions to third-party entities has played a pivotal role in this evolution. Nowadays, an increasing number of companies, driven by considerations of both cost-effectiveness and quality, are entrusting their non-core business processes to external vendors.


GainStrong is founded on the principle that modern business entities should prioritize their core activities, leveraging outsourcing to efficiently manage their resources.


Since its inception, GainStrong has effectively served diverse organizations throughout the Philippines. A primary service we offer is the provision of qualified personnel to our clients at competitive rates. The individuals deployed by us become our employees, and we handle all aspects of their employment, including salary, social security, and other mandated benefits. Our clients are relieved of the burdens associated with recruiting, deployment, performance monitoring, policy compliance, grievance resolution, disciplinary actions, benefits administration, payroll processing, employee separations, and other related functions. In essence, our manpower services ensure they can focus on their core business operations with confidence.

How we do Business


Our sourcing strategy involves using a number of channels, including career sites, social media platforms, industry connections, and employee referrals. We regularly visit job fairs as well as business conferences to meet potential applicants. By expanding our sourcing approaches, we ensure that we have access to a wider pool of competent job seekers with a variety of talents and experiences.


Once we have successfully acquired a pool of potential candidates, we begin the screening process. This includes paper screening of resumes to ensure that candidates' qualifications match the job requirements. Successful applicants will be contacted for an initial phone or video interview to evaluate their communication skills and cultural fit.


Reference checking is an important stage in our hiring process. We call the candidate's references to confirm their career history, skills, and professional behavior. This allows us to acquire a better knowledge of the candidate's performance and reliability.


Training is an essential part of integrating new recruits into the company. We provide thorough training that covers company policies, processes, and job-specific details. Our training program is intended to provide new personnel with the knowledge and tools they require to succeed and grow within the company.


We give a comprehensive onboarding plan that includes an overview of the client's culture, an introduction to the essential team members, and a thorough explanation of the roles and responsibilities. We make sure that our new hires understand our performance objectives and goals, and they are given access to the tools and resources they need. Our objective is to assist new hires in settling in fast and contributing to the team.

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